Brand new Judges.A new segmet same host

Darren age 11 (10 at auditions)

Grace age 15

Ryan age 15

Amer age 15

Brooklyn age 14

Issy age 15

Issy was chosen as Wild Card.

Top 6
NAME TOP 6 WINNER CITY 1.Darren IN T B A Calgary,Alberta
2.Grace IN T B A Winnipeg,Manitoba
3.Ryan IN T B A Toronto,Ontario
4.Amer IN T B A Brampton,Ontario
5.Brooklyn IN T B A Chatham,Ontario
6.Issy IN WC T B A Winnipeg,Manitoba
7.Madi OUT Whitehorse,Yukon
8.Brianna OUT Musgrave Harbour,Newfoundland
9.Moses OUT Scarborough,Ontario
10.Vince OUT Oshawa,Ontario
11.Kafaye OUT Toronto,Ontario
12.Kaija OUT Ottawa,Ontario
13.Becky OUT Dollard-des-ormeaux,Quebec

Judges:Tara Oram,Mark Spicklou,Keisha Cahnte

Host: Adamo Rugeiro

Episode Released Type Info
1 Jul 16 Auditions
2 Jul 23 Auditions
3 Jul 30 Auditions
4 Aug 6 Top 13 pefrome/Top 6 pick Top 13 peforme then choose Top 6
5 Aug 13 Top 6 peforme live Top 6 get new looks,wardrobe,and song in front of a live audience
6 Aug 20 Tips and More Top 6 get more advanced advice
7 Aug 27 Redy Set Spotlight! Top 6 does album shoot.
8 Sept 3 Music Video Top 6 do their own song and do their music video.
9 Sept 10
10 Sept 17
11 Sept 23 Finale The Top 6 will compete their way to sucess their journey.At the end of the finale,votes from all will determine who will be The Next Star.


The finale was set on Sunday 23rd of September.

SONG NAME Gotta Give A Little Extra Darren
Caught Up Grace
More Issy
See You Again Amer
In My Mind Ryan
The way I See You Brooklyn

' To see demo version go to The Next Star for preview '

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